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Fully Implement The Main Responsibility Of Enterprise’ Safety Production

The theme of safe production month in 2017 is “Fully Implement the Main Responsibility of Enterprise’ Safety Production .In the afternoon of June 26th, the safety production emergency rescue drill was held in the factory as scheduled. The drill was mainly organized by the safety department and the production department, R & D center, sales department and office participated in the drill together.

According to plan, the drill contents include safety knowledge explanation, occurrence and information report, emergency plan drill, emergency termination and so on. At the beginning of the drill, the workshop director explained and warned the

employee’s unsafe behavior according to the daily production process of common unsafe factors, pointed out and corrected, forbidden the potential risks.

Subsequently, the fire safety of emergency drills began. The workshop director explained how to correct use fire extinguishers and fire hydrants, and the staff practiced one by one, non-standard places were pointed out immediately and corrected on the spot, ensured that every employee can use correctly. All the staff learned the correct way to escape from the fire accident and the correct reporting process,  report the accident to on duty monitor in the first time, monitor inform the workshop director immediately, the workshop director report to environmental department, responsible person report to the security and environment department director, the factory director should report to the General Manager immediately after receiving the report from the environmental department, and call the police, start production safety emergency plan at the same time, be unruffled and ordered. After the practice, awareness of production safety has been further strengthened for al staff, regarding the exercise problems and shortcomings, will be led by the Safety and Environmental department to push and correct in the future work , implement the consciousness of enterprise’s security


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